China trademark law article 1

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China trademark article 1 belongs chapter I, here is the detail of article 1.

Article 1 This Law is enacted for the purposes of improving the administration of trademarks, protecting the exclusive right to use trademarks, and of encouraging producers and operators to guarantee the quality of their goods and services and maintaining the reputation of their trademarks, with a view to protecting the interests of consumers, producers and operators and to promoting the development of the socialist market economy.

1、Chapter l General Provisions
2、Chapter II AppIication for Trademark Registration
3、Chapter lII Examination for and ApprovaI of Trademark Registration
4、Chapter IV RenewaI, Assignment and Licensing of Registered Trademarks
5、Chapter V Adjudication of Disputes Concerning Registered Trademarks
6、Chapter Vl Administration of the Use of Trademarks
7、Chapter VlI Protection of the ExcIusive Rights to Use Registered Trademarks
8、Chapter VIII Supplementary Provisions

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