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i. Document required.
    1. Trademark logo (JPG or PDF format) and trademark words. 
    2. The goods and services that will be associated with your trademark.
    3. Business Registration (BR) or ID cards of trademark owner.
    4. Contact (including telephone, fax, and email).

ii. Apply process.
    1. Provide the trademark logo & words.
    2. To search the trademark in the database of the Trademark Office, and make suggestions accordingly with our analysis about registration probabilities.
    3. Send the trademark registration & invoice letter, if the report shows the trademark can be registered. Send the reason & advices letter if the trademark can’t be registered.
    4. Confirm the trademark registration, sign an entrustment agreement and power of attorney for trademark application, and pay the bill.
    5. Prepare trademark application form and submit the application in two working days.
    6. Submit the application documents to the Trademark Office.
    7. A Trademark Acceptance Notice will be received in about three months upon submission of the application.
    8. An announcement will be made for the trademark in about two years upon submission of application for a term of approximately three months.
    9. The trademark will be granted if no opposition is received during the announcement period.
    10. The trademark will be approved if no opposition is received during the announcement period.

iii. Fees.
    1. Official fee: HKD1250 per trademark.
    (For one class that include ten items. Each additional class will be charged HKD150)
    2. Service fee: HKD2000 per trademark.

iv. Validity of China Trademark.
    1. The registered trademark will be valid for ten years commencing from the date on which the registration is approved.
    2. An application for renewal of registration must be made within six months before the expiration, if the registered trademark is needed for use after it is expired.

v. Payment
    Account : 288-354830-883
                    LONGDEFEND IP LIMITED

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