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i.Basic documents required.
    1.Business Registration (BR).
    2.ID Card(s) of inventorship.
    3.Contact (including telephone, fax, and email).
ii.Apply process.
    1. Provide technical tell documents. (download example)
     2.  Submit application → Accepted → Preliminary examination → Publication of application → Application for the substantive examination → Substantive examination → Official Announcement → Pay the certificate fee, patent registration fee, taxes, and the first year annual fee → Get certification.

iii. Fees.
      HKD12,000. Include official fee, examination fee, and agent fee. Not include certificate fee, patent registration fee, taxes, and the first year annual fee. This part of fee should be paid after pass the substantive examination. Total is HKD2,000.

iv. Process time.
      24-26 months.

v. China Invention Patents to maintain.
        Protection under China invention patents is renewable annually for a maximum term of 20 years.

vi. Annual fee (each patent).
      2nd year: RMB900. 3rd year: RMB900.
      4th year: RMB1,200. 5th year: RMB1,200. 6th year: RMB1,200.
      7th year: RMB2,000. 8th year: RMB2,000. 9th year: RMB2,000.
      10th year: RMB4,000. 11th year: RMB4,000. 12th year: RMB4,000.
      13th year: RMB6,000. 14th year: RMB6,000. 15th year: RMB6,000.
      16th year: RMB8,000. 17th year: RMB8,000. 18th year: RMB8,000.
      19th year: RMB8,000. 20th year: RMB8,000.
      We provide reminders, and on behalf of the payment service of the annual fee with an additional fee of RMB200 each patent per year.

vii. Payment.
    Account : 288-354830-883
                    LONGDEFEND IP LIMITED


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