China Trademark License Recordal

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i. Document required.
    1. A copy of China trademark certificate of registration.
    2. Business Registrations (BR) or ID cards of licensor and licensee.
    3. Notarized China trademark license agreement (The agreement can be provide by us if necessary).
    4. Contact (including telephone, fax, and email).
ii. Apply process.
    1. Provide the document files.
    2. Send the trademark transfer & invoice letter.
    3. Confirm the trademark change application, sign an entrustment agreement and power of attorney for trademark renewal application, and pay the bill.
    4. Submit the files to China Trademark Office.
    5. A Trademark License Acceptance Notice will be received in about one month upon submission of the application. 
    6. A substantive examination will be made by China Trademark Office within six months accept the license application.
    7. The trademark license will be approved by China Trademark Office if pass the substantive examination.
    8. Get the trademark license certificate.
iii. Fees.
    1. Official fee: HKD 400 per trademark.
    2. Service fee: HKD 1000 per trademark.
iv. Payment.
    Account : 288-354830-883
                    LONGDEFEND IP LIMITED

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