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 i.Basic documents required.
    1.Business Registration (BR).
    2.ID Card(s) of inventorship.
    3.Contact (including telephone, fax, and email).
ii. Apply process.
    1.Technical tell documents. (check the attached form)
    2.Submit application → Accepted → Preliminary examination →Official Announcement → Get certification.
iii. Fees.
    HKD7,000. Include official fee, certificate fee, patent registration fee, taxes, and the first year annual fee.
iv. Process time.
    8-10 months.
v. Patents to maintain.
    Protection under China utility patents is renewable annually for a maximum term of 10 years.
    1. Annual fee (each patent).
    2nd year: RMB600. 3rd year: RMB600.
    4th year: RMB900. 5th year: RMB900. 
    6th year: RMB1,200. 7th year: RMB1,200. 8th year: RMB1,200.
    9th year: RMB2,000. 10th year: RMB2,000.
    We provide reminders, and on behalf of the payment service of the annual fee with an additional fee of RMB200 each patent per year.

    Account : 288-354830-883
                    LONGDEFEND IP LIMITED

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